Let me cut straight to chase…

Let me cut straight to chase…

Hello everyone – I hope you all are well. Just a quick update on Ericka before the weekend. Let me cut straight to chase; things have become very complex. Her condition is critical and fluid so adjustments and changes have been and will continue to be ongoing.

The details of this week and Ericka’s full condition are far too extensive to convey in this communication but here is an overview of her prognosis: Ericka is fighting two fronts at the moment; 1) getting her right ventricle to heal after being damaged from blood clots and 2) getting her lungs to properly exchange gases. One side of her lungs are damaged and the other side has multiple microscopic chronic blood clots.  The causation of the clots is unknown at this time.

We have been strategizing and making hard decisions all week. I wish I had better news. Yes, Ericka is still on a ventilator and other life support systems. Yes, she is still under heavy sedation and for a few days she was ‘medically paralyzed’ with hopes of fully resting her body in order to expedite the healing – it did not work. Ericka has a condition called,  CTEPH ‘acute on chronic’ blood clots and she will need surgery in order to fully remedy this problem. This is an extraordinarily specialized surgery with only a handful of surgical teams/facilities skilled in this area. So, it will be necessary for us to move to one of these specialized facilities in order to receive a higher level of care for Ericka. Temple in Philly is our top choice at the moment; however, we are considering all local, regional, and national options based on many complicated factors. The good news is, great medical minds have gotten together from around the country, and we do see a clear path forward. The timeframe for recovery is unfortunately unknown at this time.  And, Ericka obviously must get stable before we can even consider making a move.

This is where we are for now – please continue to add Ericka to your prayers. I and her mother will be on the ground standing in the gap and kicking ass to make sure this is a favorable outcome.

Lastly, let me say, the continued pouring-in of support has been a true blessing. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have made it through this initial week without ‘my real riders’ being by my side. I will forever love and care about you all – in this life and the next.

**Close friends and family, if you would like to send Ericka a voice text, please feel free to send it to me at (404) 771-0777 or you can send it to Ericka’s Mom at (770) 596-7476 and we will play it for her continuously throughout this time, starting this weekend. We want to keep her brain as stimulated as possible. No need to sensor your message for us, just say whatever you want, however, you want to say it! Please send this message to other friends/family of Ericka that are not getting my updates.

12 thoughts on “Let me cut straight to chase…

  1. YES! Let’s go Dream! FIGHT! God got you and so do I, I won’t stop PRAYING! The Boys Praying for you as well Love you Fam

  2. My family, friends, The Home Church, and I are here in Chicago constantly lifting Ericka and her family up in prayer. We love you even though not all of us know you. However, what we do know is that you are a child of God.

    God fearfully and wonderfully made you. And, God knows how to heal you completely.

  3. Ericka,

    I’m still praying for you to recover from this and get back to your awesome life as soon as is possible. God bless you and your family.
    Becky Satterfield

  4. My heart goes out to you all… She has been the sweetest people to know in a world full of mess!! I’ve always claimed her as my little sister since high school. My heart hurts for her and I’m praying she pulls through this and please lord give her family the strength and energy to be there for her fit it is hard on them as well. Please wrap your arms around this family in Jesus name amen

  5. Birthday twin, I just know that you will fully recover and we will be celebrating our birthdays (from afar) with each other! I’m praying hard for you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Praying for Ericka and the entire family to have the strength to pull through this trying time fam. Let me know if there is anything you need. May Healings and Blessings be upon your family.

  7. Eric, I just read your post and website and it brought tears to my eyes and I quickly started praying to our Lord for miracles for Ericka and your family. I know you know that God is good and understands everything and knows I just joined team Ericka Strong and will daily be in prayer and checking the website for updates. God Bless you, Ericka and family – prayer can beat this.
    Jerry West

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