Small progress…is still progress…

Small progress…is still progress…

Small progress…is still progress. Ericka is taking baby steps on her journey back to wellness.

The chest tubes that have been in place since Ericka’s initial surgery were removed this weekend. These tubes were in place to drain unnecessary fluid which is standard for cardiac surgery. Chest tubes are very painful when breathing but especially when coughing. I’m so glad they are out of her body.

As her sedation weans, Ericka is becoming cognizant of her surroundings. She is shaking her head (yes/no) in response to questions during short bouts of consciousness, squeezing hands and moving her lower extremities at times as well. I recited poetry that I use to read to her as a child (Robert Frost, Elizabeth Barrett Browning). I also chronicled many of our adventures when she was younger. I asked Ericka if she remembered how she grabbed my arm and prevented me from falling off a boat during a white water rafting trip that she and I took years ago. She beamed me intently, seemingly following every single word of a story that she knows oh so well, then she closed her eyes tight and a lone tear rolled down her left cheek. My heart melted and I knew my baby was coming back! I didn’t want to let up!!! Through full tears of my own at this point, I started calling out (by name) her friends, family members and told her about all of the people that have been praying for her and rooting for her to get well. Her eyes definitely got wide – but I had to pull back a bit as she was getting too agitated and I was clearly doing too much too soon.

Her Mom held her hand and talked to her for quite a while – Ericka got over simulated a few times. There is nothing like a mother’s love.

Also, Ericka was really responsive to your voice messages. Her Mom played the ones that she received and I played the ones that came to me. Thank-you for taking a moment to be a full part of this process. We were over the moon with your responses to our call to action.

Back to the update: They attempted to remove Ericka’s breathing tube on Saturday and Sunday but were unsuccessful both days. Ericka started putting-up quite a fight (literally). I told one of the nurses, “well, Ericka’s a fighter”, he replied, “you don’t have to tell us that…we have experienced it”.

The long term strategy is still the same; get her stable enough to move to a higher care facility. We are in heavy conversations with Temple and Emory.

You, yes you, are the absolute the best! We love you and please keep hanging in there with us.

2 thoughts on “Small progress…is still progress…

  1. Thank you for that awesome message. I’m still continuing to pray for Erica. I see our prayers are working. After all this is over and she is back on her feet, we must get you a publisher because you are a beautiful writer!

    Please let Missy know that she is on my mind and heart too. I pray for her strength as well. Keep up the good fight all six of you. Love and sloppy kisses, Aunt Roz

  2. Just ran across my long time good friend better known as my brother snoop Keith Mcmath post about his niece my heart immediately went out to her and the family I know that God doesn’t makes mistakes I’m a firm believer in miracles and I know God is able to do exceedently and abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine.. I Decree and Declare By Jesus Stripes Erika is healed right now in Jesus Name!!! ❤

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