Ericka made it safely to Emory!

Ericka made it safely to Emory!

Ericka made it safely to Emory.

Ericka will be evaluated and we will begin to discuss a timeline for next steps very soon. I talked to Ericka before they took her and she was fully aware of what was going on. She surveyed the room and all of the commotion that was going on. When someone in critical condition is being transferred, as you might imagine, there’s a lot of loud conversations going on; briefings, questions, numbers, times, dosages, sign here, sign there flying back and forward across the room. If you are not in the medical field, it’s like listening to a foreign language only catching glimpses of some words and phases. But, when I told her that she was being transferred to Emory University and to be as calm as possible, she nodded her head yes. Ericka tried to speak but I encouraged her to just relax and she nodded again.

There were no problems during the transport and Ericka is getting settled-in for her first night in her new environment.

No visitors are allowed at Emory (at all). So, please (please) don’t call, don’t show-up or try to send flowers at this time. Just hang in there a little longer and we are hopeful that the day is coming soon that you will be able to visit.

It was a long day, but I’m very happy about the outcome.


10 thoughts on “Ericka made it safely to Emory!

  1. Ericka I am just finding out about you. I am sending my love and prayers. Please be good to yourself and may God give you comfort and healing in His name! ❤

  2. Beautiful Ericka, I just want you to know that I am thinking about you, and constantly praying for you! Your SFRP family is also praying for you and on standby to help you and your parents in anyway we can.

    You will get through this in God’s name, and will come back stronger than you have ever been! You have a whole village speaking to God on your behalf, and you are loved more than you can imagine! Stay strong and keep fighting!

  3. Good morning McMath Family!!

    What a beautiful blessing to hear this wonderful news!!❤ Please know…God is in control and we thank Him in advance for His Healing Power over Ericka’s body!! We are praying that God will continue to work through those skilled, trained medical professionals to provide the medical care that she needs. Eric…I want you to know that I am so very proud of you and your family for your steadfast strength, tenacity and unwavering Faith, during this unimaginable and challenging time! We truly love and support you all! Stay encouraged my Friend!!❤

    1. I’m praying for u When God said 2 or 3 join together it’s nothing but healing prayers coming I’m praying God strengthening u to a speedy recovery God got u here for a reason we love u from Keisha cuzzin meka Ann daughter stay strong God well bring u out

  4. Hello from Nebraska,

    Ericka, I am sending many prayers and all the love your way. May you continue to stay strong in your battle. I hope and pray for you to have a speedy recovery. Your energy and spirit are contagious. I love you .

  5. Ericka,

    I just talked to your Aunt Marcie and she told me the latest. A few minutes ago I donated some money to your gofundme account and hope that will help. Being from the McMath family is an extraordinary thing and I will say that Marcie has been a family member to me for 16 years. I just love her so much and I keep up with you, your Dad, your Mother, your grandmother, your grandfather, your cousin, Mar’kei, and the rest of your huge clan of aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. You are in my constant prayers and if you don’t mind me praying in the shower, I do that, too! You come from such good genetics, I do believe you will make it through this thing in time. God bless you sweet Dream and I’ll keep in touch. Love, Becky

  6. Erica please know that your kansas City, Family is praying for you in a mighty way, We are asking God to restore your health, We are asking God to breathe air into your lungs, We are asking that your heart carry you through. We will be waiting on the good news, Hang in there. We love you

  7. To my dear friend whom I’ve known over a decade McMath it’s me Blalock (smile) as we had gotten to the point where we called each other by our last name. I am praying that God wraps his arms around you a little bit tighter and longer during this time of healing. I am praying for a speedy recovery and I love you so much!

  8. God is so good! And His Mercy endures forever!

    Please know my thoughts and prayers are with Ericka, you and the family.

    Continue to stay strong my friend and lean on the Lord when you are weak.

    Love you much!❤️

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