A Fathers Love…

A Fathers Love…

In the spring of 1993, I took Ericka and her cousin Tonia to the Fox Theater to see a performance of The Wiz. Ericka was wearing a white dress and patent leather black shoes. Tonia was flashing her signature bright smile, sporting a pinkish dress with flowers around the hemline. They both had shiny foreheads and fresh hairdos complete with braids, razor straight parts and of course bows and barrettes to match their dresses. As the three of us walked hand-in-hand off Peachtree and into the Fox Theater, we excitedly took our seats, they dimmed the lights…Ericka laid on my shoulder and went straight to sleep for the entire show. I looked over at her, smiled and give her a kiss on the forehead as Tonia and I finished watching the performance.

I thought about this when I kissed Ericka on her forehead this morning as she slept – I just want you to wake-up and get better baby. I promise, The Big Man will be there to carry you home just like I’ve always done.

This is tearing me up so bad!


7 thoughts on “A Fathers Love…

  1. I love this and the love behind it. Come on Erika you got this!!!!! I was just think about our cruise for Tonia’s birthday, such a joyful time and we(Erika & I) got to be roommates for a week which was so much FUN!!!!!! I say all that to say, “ DREAM YOU HAVE SO MUCH MORE LIFE TO LIVE!” I love you, your family loves you!!! I SALUTE your very strong father and mother! ❤️❤️

  2. Prayers are going up constantly. Praying God will heal you, keep and comfort you. Many hugs and kisses Erika. Mac and I love you to the moon and back.

  3. Ericka – my boys and I are praying for you. God has sent his angels hold you and he is going to do a miracle. You will be healed!!!

    Jasmine your cousin in Seattle.

  4. My Beautiful Dream. it’s time to get up now i need my copilot in the kitchen we got to get this menu together I need to my darling do you guys know that she is a awesome cook her and Tonia Famous seafood boil her dad famous pasta she talks about her mom potato salad can’t nobody make a good potato salad like Dream and her mom and her auntie Monica
    everything i need to here that big loud laugh. You are my Best student in the kitchen. I need my Copilot I Need My COPILOT I Love You and Charlie Bear do to.

  5. Sending prayers all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!!!! I met Ericka during my JROTC yrs back in high school, lost touch with one another and came accross this news through a mutual friend. I know that God is a God of incredible surprises and powerful to do unimaginable things. We know of Him, but very few of us get to experience Him as your family has. It is through our most defining moments that we are truly left in His care without any sort of reservations. Please know that your family is in my prayers and I know without a doubt God is in control….through Him all things are possible!

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