Where do we go from here…

Where do we go from here…

Where do we go from here…

Surrounded by attending physicians, surgeons, fellows, residents and interns – Emory has taken on the complex challenge of getting Ericka better. The last two days have been a whirlwind of evaluations, examinations and planning.

Emory has a “no visitation” policy still in place since the COVID pandemic. However, I was able to lean on the head of ICU and he allowed Ericka’s Mom and I to visit for a few hours this morning. Although still heavily sedated, Ericka certainly knew that we were there.

Pulmonary: Ericka still has the microscopic clots in her lungs, BUT the damage that we were “very” concerned about on one side of her lungs appears to be gone! Yes, gone!

Cardiac: Her right ventricle seems to be improving but we will know more once a few more test have been fully evaluated.

The plan is to get Ericka back on her feet so that she is strong enough for the CTEPH surgery. They DO NOT want to do the surgery now as she is way too sick. So, today they have begun to sever some of the support systems. This will be a slow process in which the cadence and pace will be determined by how her body reacts on its own.

Ericka is still very sick and I’m praying that she will get stronger with each passing minute. Please pray with us – we really need you now.

Love is an action word – you don’t need to say it, your actions during this time have revealed it.

I love you too


5 thoughts on “Where do we go from here…

  1. Ive been praying so hard for my friend! God will get her through this!! She is so strong and we have to stay strong for her! I pray for strength for Eric, Melissa, and the rest of the family. I love you all.

  2. Continued prayers going up for Ericka’s strength and healing. As well as for the strength of u and the family my brother.

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