Long days and lonely nights…

Long days and lonely nights…

Long days and lonely nights. Ericka has been laying in a hospital bed enduring an unthinkable condition for over two weeks now. Out of the blue, our lives have been turned up side down. But, we will ‘fight on’ for as long as it takes to get her better.

Although I can not regularly visit Ericka due to the COVID restrictions still in place at Emory – they do provide daily detailed updates. There are many (many) intricate details related to Ericka’s condition but I will continue in the vein of hitting the most important highlights:

Ericka remains in critical condition but she is showing daily signs of slow and steady improvements. This week, they have reduced some of her sedation medicine and have started the process of slowly removing some of the life support systems. So far so good!

The critical care team at Emory has been very thorough, methodical and cautious as it relates to Ericka’s recovery. They don’t want to do too much, too soon. So, Ericka is being closely monitored on how her body is responding to a lack of dependency on a variety of life-sustaining apparatuses still in place. The medical team has a solid plan and they are working it incrementally.

Ericka’s lungs are much improved exchanging gases (although not totally on her own yet). She still has clots but they are finally starting to be minimized with the continuation of anticoagulant medicine.

She is still on the ventilator at the moment but Ericka is doing most of the work. We are hopeful that the vent can be removed and a temporary tracheotomy will not be necessary.

Ericka’s heart (right ventricle) IS showing improvements. YES! Every 12 hours, they plan to slow the blood flow from one of the support systems until she is fully able to function without it.

Overall, she is doing better and is slowly working her way back. I’m feeling more and more optimistic with each day that passes.

One of my life mantras is; “What you do, is who you are.” I am blown away at what you are doing for my daughter.

Thank-you for fighting with us…I see you!


9 thoughts on “Long days and lonely nights…

  1. Aaw…I truly feel you in my heart. ❤ Tony and I are praying that God will continue to grant Ericka the Mercy and Grace from this day forth. We love you and your family.

  2. Praying that God heal Ericka from the top of head to the sole of her feet , Ericka is in my prayers daily . Love you guys !!!

  3. I pray every night and every night for the last 3 weeks she has visited my dreams to let me know she is fighting and will get through this . She is the strongest person I know and I miss her more than words can say

  4. Thank God for progress. My family is praying. I love you Ericka. I know in my heart you are without a doubt be 100% in due time. Prayers to the family.

  5. Continuously praying for Ericka and your family! I’m glad her strength is improving and God will see her through this. Being able to read about her condition and recovery is heart warming especially being so far away. Ericka is a beacon of light and I cant wait for you to see her smile again! Lots of love

  6. My heart goes out to the entire McMath family. I know this is testing all of you. I will continue to pray for strength for all of you to continue hold each other up. Eric, if love was all she needed, she would be walking out of there right now. Your love for your daughter is loud and clear. God bless you all. There is an army praying with and for you.

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