Won’t HE do it….

Won’t HE do it….

Won’t HE do it….

Ericka is awake and off the ventilator as of 5pm today! I spoke to her just a few moments ago. Yes, we actually spoke to each other!

I just happened to be in the phone with my cousin Trish when the doctor called to give an update and said that Ericka wanted to speak to me! So I merged her in on the call and my family quickly gathered around the phone. Everybody started  shouting “we love you Ericka, we love you Ericka!!” – Ericka in a low husky tone, said that she loved us too. THEN, she said, “Daddy…Daddy, come get me, come get me right now” she repeated that a few times. AND, she asked the nurse that was holding the phone for her to walk away….”Uh…you can walk away now”.  OMG! If you know Ericka – she is coming back!!!! I gave her some daddy assurances and my cousin Trish (who works as a critical care nurse) told her to stay clam a few times until Ericka finally got it.

Maybe I need to say it a bit louder for the people in the back; WON’T HE DO IT….    

Ericka still has a long way to go but this is the biggest step we have taken to date. Keep praying – God is so good.

I’m so happy y’all!!!!!


18 thoughts on “Won’t HE do it….

  1. Praise God! Thank you Jesus for your continued Mercy and Grace! Love you all and I am overjoyed!! Virtual hugs!!❤

  2. Waking up to this happy tears to the sky because my best friend so strong as she is is coming back slowly. I had a little tickle reading this because if you know Ericka, I could hear her tone and can envision the way her head probably tilted towards the nurse telling her that she can go now and that lets me know that she will get through this As I’ve been believing this whole time in my prayers. ❤️

  3. This is the best news I have ever heard!!!! The power of God is AMAZING & so is the strength of Ericka and the whole Family!!

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