There is always light…

There is always light…

There is always light. Only if we are brave enough to see it.

There is always light. Only if we are brave enough to be it.

                  ~Amanda Gorman

I visited Ericka this morning at Emory and it was wonderful to finally see her alert again. She has been without her glasses since being awake and she was happy to get them. As I put them on her face, it was great to see her eye sensory coming back into focus as our eyes help connect us to the world.

Ericka was somewhat delusional from time to time which the staff prepared me for and they explained that this was not outside of the norm. There were moments that I had to clarify what was going on and admittedly, there were other moments that were intensely hilarious. I tried not to laugh at my baby but a few times I just lost it – I think Ericka knew what she was doing because when I started laughing, she wouldn’t stop!!

I told Ericka about all of the love that she has been receiving. I mentioned what had been done and some things that are in the works. She expressed how much she appreciated everything. Ericka said; “I would do the same for all of them.” I showed her this blog and more pictures of friends and family. Ericka is so thankful – she cried several times. I bought her up-to-speed on what happened. Although she appeared to follow me, I’m not sure if she fully grasped and retained it all just yet.

We still have a very long way to go so please keep praying with us.

Thank you for being brave enough to be the light for Ericka.


14 thoughts on “There is always light…

  1. Won’t God do it! Yes! Go Dream! Love you sooo much, won’t stop praying! God is Amazing! I got you fam♥️♥️♥️

  2. May God continue to bless you Erica! You’re a survivor and you’re not going to give up! That message just came on the tv as I was writing this! Won’t HE do it! With prayer ALL things are possible! Amen.

  3. Erica I’am so proud of you and praying for you youngin, God is good and I know your daddy and mommy have great faith in your healing . ❤️

  4. As I’m writing this it’s 11:11 which means blessings are all around me and it reminds me how blessed I am for a friend/ sister like her. Ericka is the type of girl to go out of her way for everyone around her that’s why were all going out of our way for her. Miss you ❤️ Love you Drream.

  5. God is good – all the time!!!

    Eric, I wish I knew your family to further appreciate the love and relationships with the Lord, you are very blessed and so is Ericka.
    Since this is a journey, I’ll looking forward to reading more and praying more – Jerry West

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