The little things mean a lot…

The little things mean a lot…

“It’s a good day today Daddy…it’s a good day everyday.”

 ~Ericka McMath (4/14/21)

With my head raised to the sky and giving two fist pumps to God – I’m happy to report that Ericka is making very good progress! She is now fully coherent and completely understands what has taken place over the last three weeks.

Being able to have a simple talk and share a laugh with my daughter is something I will never take for granted again. Our conversations have always held great meaning for me but today, it meant even more. I guess the old adage is true, the little things do mean a lot. 

They started Ericka on a soft food diet and her appetite has been robust. So, I started my morning feeding Ericka small spoonfuls of apple sauce and strawberry jello. I informed Ericka how much she loved apple sauce as a kid – she said, “ I still like it”. Yeah, “but you use to be much more demanding,” I told her.

We are now on a mission to get Ericka off of two more life supporting systems. One will require surgery which hopefully will take place tomorrow or Friday. The other will require a bit more time but things are looking very positive. Despite the amazing progress over that past three days, Ericka still needs the critical care of the ICU unit. We are hopeful that we can downgrade from this level of care and appropriate a regular room sooner than later.

We are still praying and fighting – please hang in there with us!


12 thoughts on “The little things mean a lot…

  1. PRAISE GOD!!!
    Prayers work as we were praying for Ericka, her parents, siblings, extended family, doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, nursing assistants, and housekeeping.

    We will be continuing in prayer daily.

  2. Keeping my beautiful family in my thoughts. Praying each day for complete healing! By his stripes we are healed. Love you all…. stay encouraged. This is uncle Man & aunt Madie daughter “June”!

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