Together, we are an ocean…

Together, we are an ocean…

Ericka is still continuing to make great headway! Her body is slowly healing and we are now working on getting her stronger. The right ventricle has greatly improved and yesterday the team surgically removed the machine that was helping her heart – she is now doing all the work on her own.  The staff here has strongly encouraged us to temper any thoughts of a “speedy” recovery. With everything that Ericka has been through, we will need to be patient as the healing and rehabilitation process will take time. The good news is, we are certainly still moving in the right direction.

Today’s goals are complete:

Sit-up in bed  ✔️

Move to the edge of the bed ✔️

Stand (assisted) ✔️

Shuffle a few steps (assisted) ✔️

Sit down in the room chair ✔️

Strengthen lungs using the Incentive Spirometer multiple times a day ✔️

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” — Ryunosuke Satoro

To all the prayer warriors around the country that have been by our side – your prayers are working! We sincerely thank you.


16 thoughts on “Together, we are an ocean…

  1. Hey Ericka Strong! This is an appropriate moniker for you because you are Strong!! I’m so happy to hear how you are steadfast in getting better. You are not giving up! I’m so proud of you! We will continue praying for you and you continue to be courageous my sweetie.

  2. There hasn’t been one day since I heard the news that I have not thought and prayed for you and your family! You are so loved.

  3. Phillip and I are continuing to pray everyday for your complete recovery. We are encouraged by your progress and continue to thank God for your healing! Sending healing vibes and lots of love your way!!!
    Love Gee Harris

  4. Ericka I have held you in my heart and prayers since I first heard you were taken to the hospital. I continue to lift you up and marvel at your strength. I love you and know God’s healing hand is upon you.

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