The Big Mo is on our side…

The Big Mo is on our side…

 March in place, knee raises, leg extensions, shoulder rolls – repeat. Smell the roses (inhale), blow out the candles (exhale) – repeat. The rehabilitation process is underway!

Ericka is mentally strong and working extremely hard to get better. Her heart, lungs and body have vastly improved over the past week. Ericka is off oxygen and all life support systems. We are certain that her recovery will continue on this track with each passing day.

She started on solid food today and I witnessed a turkey sandwich get devoured! For dessert, we did an Oreo Cookie toast, to “Heath and Wealth.” I know that’s right!

The weekend was also a step into a bit of normalcy. Ericka’s Mom washed her hair and made sure she was CocaButter fresh! Special shout-out to my family for making back-to-back-to-back store runs to get Ericka a nice new robe, hair bonnets and other personal items that were needed. Thank-you!

Ericka and I also spent some of the weekend watching episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Law & Order, Ridiculousness and more. We both wanted to make our way to the “fking Catalina Wine Mixer” as we sang along to the soundtrack of Step Brothers.

The Big Mo (momentum) is an undeniable phenomenon of small and medium victories surged together to build positive shifts. The Big Mo is on our side as Ericka has a rocketing force of momentum heading in the right direction – it’s hard to stop a train! With this, I suspect that we will be out of the ICU in a few days.

There is a God!


12 thoughts on “The Big Mo is on our side…

  1. That’s awesome, still praying and sending my love your way Cuzzz! I’m sitting here with Uncle Greg and he sends his love your way through this text. We all plan on seeing you soon Cuzzo

  2. Prayers move mountains, God makes things possible. Your family is a testament of God’s faithfulness. Greetings from Brazil!

  3. Wow…that is such a blessing! I am so very proud of you all for your tenacity, perseverance and determination. To God be the Glory!!! Stay encouraged and we are keeping you lifted. Love you!

    PS…I am happy to know the family dropped off her loungewear. We need to keep Erika cute in her gear!! Way to represent!❤

  4. I am so happy to hear this update! I love that she is getting back to enjoying the simple things in life ♥️ I can’t wait to see her. Praise The Lord

  5. I love it when MO is on my side when playing tennis and now Pickle Ball, it truly gives you a sense of victory. Great choice of words and I do sense Victory in Ericka’s short term future.
    You have a great village!
    Jerry West

  6. Wont He Do It. If God is for us, who will be against us. Continued Prayers for a full Speedy Recovery from your mom & dad High School friends CHS C/O 1986
    Love you Guys❤

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